Civil Engineering

The Complete concept, design and site operations from taking over sites, traditional and piled, foundation works, general construction through to final completion and hand-over for occupation and use for all types of buildings and structures including multistory residential and commercial buildings in traditional and specialized modern construction designs and finishes, roads, bridges, luxury villas, interior decoration, landscaping, drainage and sewer schemes, hotels, hospitals and schools and industrial complexes, are some of, but not limited to the areas of civil engineering activity.

  • Luxurious villas
  • Hotels
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Drainage and Sewer schemes
  • Industrial complexes
  • Landscaping
  • Hospitals

Electrical and Mechanical

Design, plan, implement and execute complete electrical and mechanical installations including but not limited to power plants, generation and distribution networks industrial utilities, HVAC work. Cold stores, sanitary installations, compressed air and LPG systems, electrical installations, fire alarms and fire fighting systems, extra lowvoltage systems including BMS, MATV,CCTV, telephone, sound and security systems.

  • HVAC work
  • Extra lowvoltage systems
  • Cold stores
  • BMS
  • Fire alarms and Fire fighting systems
  • CCTV
  • Electrical installations
  • Compressed air and LPG systems
  • Sanitary installations

What we offer

D Ascorp Contracting LLC.provides a range of services on a region-wide scale delivered by a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing the highest level of quality services. We Specialized Category:"All type Buildings projects" and specializes High-rise Residential & luxurious villa complexes, Electro-mechanical works and Sewerage projects.
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